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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Summer Birdwatching News from Hannah

I have been birdwatching recently and the good weather encouraged me too.
I got  lovely surprises too.

1.A pair of moorhens - two rare water birds that are black with red and yellow bills.They have long wading legs and are slightly smaller than a mallard duck.
2.Many families of mallard duck babies - some are much bigger than others look a few days old.
3.A few days old straggler baby mallard duck got lost with the strong current of the river water's waves.
He swam from the beginning of the river to the end with hope to find his parents and siblings and his determination was rewarded with being reunited with his family.
We wished we had had some bread to feed the ducks but we did not.
We stayed out for hours thrilled by Nature.
The mother then had to keep an eye on the straggler.
We love to watch them grow.
4.We saw six young gulls and one mother gull preening themselves on the rocks in the river.

1.We often go down to the harbour in Bray  to visit the Mute Swans,Chinese geese and the noisy gulls.
Myself and my sister brought a notebook to record what we saw.
We saw about a hundred mute swans and they chased us,honking and hissing loudly.
2.We saw some chinese geese and two yellow fluffy goslings!!!
We fed them our bread and observed them.
There were five geese,two goslings and about 100 mute swans too.

Birdwatching is great in Summer too!!!

From Hannah K


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  2. This is a really wonderful bird-watching report. Loads of description and it's very obvious that you really enjoyed it. It's great to see that you're enjoying the bird-watching so much. Have you become a member of Birdwatch Ireland yet. You can sign up and get magazines sent out to you, and informative e-mails. Keep it up Hannh, you're going a fabulous job.
    Ms McHale

  3. that's great Hannah you must be a very good bird watcher
    WELL DONE !!!

  4. Nice work, Hannah, this is very good observation
    and the excellent field notes are just the right idea!
    While you are all on holidays I would like you to watch out for a very interesting bird which visits Ireland in the summer. This bird is called the Common Swift and you can see his picture on some Dublin buses. Swifts are the most aerial birds. They live entirely on flying insects and their legs are so short that, if thy land on the ground, they cannot get into the air again.The only time they land is to build a nest, usually under the roof of older buildings.The young Swifts that are just about ready to fly now will not touch the ground again until they make their first nest in two years time. They can sleep in the air by flying very high and drifting about. Swifts look black and scream as they fly chasing eachother. You will see them in the town centre. Early in August they all leave Ireland for Africa and will not be here again until next May.
    Good birdwatching,

  5. good work hannah hope you have a great summer too