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Monday, April 25, 2011

A message from Shannon

I am a birdwatcher.  Birds are fun.  Birds are real.  You and me, we all have to birdwatch.
We know how to keep quiet when we are birdwatching.

A poem from Amy

Here is the bird feeder. Herecomes, seeds and crumbs.
Sprinkle them on and see what comes out.
One blue tit, one robin, one chafinch, one sparrow.
Four of my bird friends are eating today.

Feed, feed, feed the birds
In the wintertime
When the days are dark and cold
Food is hard to find
Feed, feed, feed the birds
Till the spring has come
Scatter birdseed on the snow
Feeding birds is fun.

by Amy Doyle

A Blackbird poem from Hannah K

The Blackbird    

The little blackbird ,black as coal,
Happy and bonny ,with such a soul,
Swift and free,as all blackbirds should be,
Beak of gold, it'll still be there when you're old...

Cheep Cheep ,as you peep,
In a bush, you're  soft as plush,
Play with robins,Both of you a bobbing,
Blackbird,Blackbird,Your sweet songs are always heard...

Play along the buttercups, chased by pups,
On the lawn, do sing to me at dawn,
Eat my mix, but don't fly yourself into a fix,
Play with song thrush, both of you  singing in a bush...

Hidden in the sky, up way up high,
Stay on  my gate, never be late,
Fly like a fairy, feeling light and airy,
Patiently wait, at Spring for your mate...

By Hannah K ,

... dedicated to my loyal cat Bubastik...

A poem from Amber

birds are sweet 
birds are cool 
don't go near them because they will get frightened by you 

birds are cool 
birds are sweet 
give them some bread so then they will tweet.

by Amber Kenna

Friday, April 1, 2011

Big News from Moscow

Ms McHale receiving her award from
Dr. Deirdre Butler at the  Microsoft
 Partners in Learning European Forum.

A number of different awards for outstanding projects in different categories were given by an international jury of education experts, led by Dr. Deirdre Butler, professor at St. Patrick’s College, Dublin.  Those who demonstrated the most innovative teaching practices using technology are then selected to attend the Partners in Learning Global Forum which will be held in Washington D.C. later this year.

Ms McHale and her class were delighted when the “Birds of Bray” project was awarded first runner up in the Knowledge Building and Critical Thinking category.  This project will now be further developed and they have been invited to present the project at the Global Forum in Washington D.C. in November 2011.

Birdwatching in Moscow

I managed to get out of the hotel for an afternoon to spend some time looking around Moscow.  While I was walking down the road I saw these birds.
Who can tell me what they are... I think they look the same in Ireland.

A poem by Sophie


There was a little robin looking in my door ,
He then went and hopped around the cornor ,
He ate some nuts.
He joyfully said to  his friends
''oh look there's more bread on the shed''.
So he flew onto the shed and ate some more bread
and then he said ''whats this new thing i can see ''
He ate it and he liked it ,it was porridge oats hmmmmm .
And when he was finished he perched on a rock
Before flying away                                                                                                                                                               

                                       By Sophie Earls

Three Poems From Natalia S

 BirdsFriendly birds are in the way,
And they say,
Come,come,come out to play,
Special friends they are to me,
Feeding them is up to me.

Birds fly high in the sky,,
You will learn more about them soon,
Just bird watch everyday.
flying is what birds do,
laying is also one too,
you can always see a bird,
i also see them on my way to school,
never fright a bird or else it will,
go go go away.

Ducks can swim,
You can too,
So try it out and swim with a duck.

Ducks splash in the water,
Splash splash,
Ducks go quack quack.

When they get tired ,
They lay on the sand,
To dry of when the sun shines down.

                                                                  by Natalia Soltysik

A Poem from Lauren...

Birds poem

      Birds go here .
   Birds go there .
Birds are flying everywere.

In the sun.

In the wind .
Any weather..
Birds love air.

                                             by Lauren Murphy.