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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sharing our Research on our Wiki

Hello all,
We have a new Wiki site,
A wiki is a website that allows it's followers to add and edit information, pictures, videos, website links ...etc. 
Using this Wiki we will create an interactive encyclopedia of facts relating to the birds in our local area.  We hope the wiki will help us to share our learning with others and to learn from others. 

We look forward to having plenty of followers for our wiki. 


  1. Did You Know???
    Birdwachers say the "jizz"of a bird is what makes you recognise what type of bird it is.
    A dip is when you do not achieve your aim to see a new or rare bird.
    A tick is when you see a new bird and tick it off your checklist.
    The Kingisher's jizz is its bright,eye-dazzling blue back and long, thin bill.The corncrake's jizz is its long neck,wading legs,stumpy beak and the dull camouflage it has too.
    Best Birdwatching,

  2. Hello Miss Mc Hale i jave joined the wiki it is great and very intersetng