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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nature day in Knocksink Wood - 3rd and 4th have a great day.

Yesterday our class went to Knocksink Wood, in Enniskerry, for a nature day.  We were very excited.

First we got into our groups.  Each group got their equipment, like cameras, binoculars and notebooks.  When we were ready we got on the bus. 

When we arrived we climbed the long driveway.  At the top we waited for the staff to arrive.

Eventually they came and we went into the Education Centre.  It was full of stuffed animals, bones, games, feathers, models, insects and fossils.  We did lots of fun activities during the day.

First we went on a treasure hunt in groups.  We had to follow the arrows and find pictures of animals and their footprints.  When we got to the end we matched the pictures. Dave met us at the end of our treasure hunts.

Next we were broken into two groups.  Each group did different activities.  The activities were a bird watching challenge, a sound map, and making birds using natural materials.

After that we had our lunch. 

After lunch we did a bird call test with Hugh.  He played bird calls and we had to guess the bird. 
Finally, we were split into three groups.  Two adults went with each group.  We did:
·         Smell bombs and perfumes
·         Scavenger hunts
·         Interesting tiny thing hunt using magnifying glasses
·         Bird watching
We had lots of fun.

At the end of the day we packed our bags and went down the long driveway to the bus.  Eventually we got back to school and went straight home. 

We felt tired but happy.  We had a marvellous day in Knocksink Wood.

(A whole class recount)


  1. What a great day in Knocksink Wood. A big thank you to the enthusiastic staff, who had such wonderful ideas, and were so full of energy.