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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Share a Birdwatching Story with us

Do you have birds that visit your garden?  Do you see birds around your area?  If you have any interesting stories about the birds you see we'd love to hear them.

Add a comment below telling us about the birds you see every day.

If you have any photos you would like to share you can e-mail them to:

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. This is a very informative blog! Well done St. Philomenas! I have shown my 2nd class your photos, videos and interviews and we have been inspired to create our own school blog which you can view on our website too! (!)
    Keep up the great work! We'll definitely continue to check-in on your updates! :D
    Ms. Doherty & her 2nd class!

  2. Every winter I feed the birds in my garden. I hang seed feeders, peanut feeders and fat balls, and I leave some food on the ground for the bigger birds. They really love cooked potato, porridge oats and apples. I get a wonderful collection of birds every year, and I love watching them from the kitchen window.
    This year I have cats. I wonder if the cats will scare away all my birds or if the birds will be brave enough to come for the food, and quick enough to stay away from the cats. I'll keep my fingers crossed, and maybe hang a bell on the cats. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  3. Every week or month i go out when i have bread left over and i feed the ducks and the seagulls come along too.

  4. Every time my sisters and I go to church we see lots of magpie's that come there mostly to build their nests.Every morning on our wooden wall sometimes we see the little blue birds there and some more magpie's on our deck in the garden.I hope to see more birds in my garden when I put my bird feeder in my garden.

    By MoreBlessing

  5. Im not fully sure why you are doing this blog

  6. Hi Ms.McHale i mostly see starlings and crows on my roof. But sometimes the sparrows on the fat balls it is VERY intested in see all the birds.

  7. Every day I see a family of blue tits come to my birdfeeder in my garden, and they eat lots of nuts.
    from ROEANNE.

  8. Every year in Spring on my neighbour's roof starlings make a nest.I saw two magpies being chased by my neighbour's cats twice.I scared away the cats.I like to hear the rooks calling,finches chirrup,thrushes sing and look at the swallows and swifts but they have gone to Africa now.I often put out Oscar my parrot's seeds and see chaffinches and robins come to eat them.I have bought a coconut to hang up for the birds,I guess finches and tits will come to it.
    You can see lots of interesting birds at the river,

    From Hannah K.

  9. this is not impressing