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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Greetings from Moscow...

Hello Bloggers,

I had my bags packed and I was ready to go.  I couldn't wait to get on the plane and head off to Moscow.

I met some new friends on the way from other schools in Ireland.
We flew from Dublin to Frankfurt and then on to Moscow. (Can you tell me where Frankfurt is?
Finally we arrived in Moscow. It was a long flight yesterday.
We arrived in very late last night so I didn't have a chance to send my message last night. We didn't get to bed until 1.00 in the morning. We were very tired this morning when we had to get up at 6.30. Yikes!!

We arrived at the hotel for the forum this morning and got to work putting our stand together. 

Ms McHale had brought loads of information, the lovely posters, some photographs of all you guys working on your project and sharing your learning, and some souvenirs from Ireland to share with the other teachers at the forum.

Can you see me at the stand?

We have been meeting with people all morning and lots of other are interested in our Blog.  A teacher from Russia wants to do a bird project with her class now because of all your hard work.  She's going to be looking at our blog to get some ideas.  We'll have to keep up the good work.

Don't forget, this is a competition, so Ms McHale has also been talking to the judges about all your work.

It has been a very busy morning.  So I'm off now to look at all the other exhibits and get some great ideas.

We hope you're all working hard,

Bonnie the Bear


  1. hi,
    yes we are all working very hard and i hope you are having a great time in moscow with bonnie the bear some birds have been to the bird fedder aswell ouside the window good luck and have a good time


  2. yes we are working very hard hope you are haven a great time in moscow that is late bye miss you.
    Amy D.

  3. Have most best time in moscow with Bonnie the bear!!!
    Can you see if you can any different birds ther in Moscow?

    From Tarryn Collins.

  4. Hello MsMcHale and Bonnie the bear hope your having a great time when are the judges decideing who is the best ?
    Alot of birds have came and picked and the birdfeeders ?

  5. We miss you.My granny is in Mosscow too.I wish you luck in the compitition-I think we have a great chance in winning.Do es everyone like our project?Greetings from Ireland...From Room 16 in Bray in Ireland 4th class and Hannah K

  6. Wow thats great to see you again Ms Mc Hale.we all miss you.I hope Bonnie Bear is having fun.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time in Moscow and are you going to buy something and have it as a memory at home.ill send you a poem that ms mc hale told us to write.

  8. Dear Ms. McHale,

    I have been following your blog and am delighted both you and Bonnie have arrived safely. You must be very tired but no doubt very excited as well. I am piggy backing on Louise's message as I had a problem(again!) getting through on my own e-mail account - sorry! I came over to your class and we all looked at the blog together.
    I spent the weekend watching a blackbird collect all the material for her nest in my garden.
    Your class are doing great work here and I am just listening to them reading poems on Life. They are very good and are going to make a book of poetry to show you.

    Take care and I hope Bonnie is behaving himself,

    Ms. Breen

  9. hi i hope you are having a great time and hope you get to meet even more people from diffrent countres we seen loads more birds have you seen any more birds over there if so try to rember them and maybe tell some of them to us when you ge t back we all miss you is bonny bear having a good time did you bring him with you today if so did she have a good time i receen she did i cant wait to see you and bonny bear

    bye i miss you charlene :)

  10. Hi,

    It is me MoreBlessing I have come to tell you that we are puting as much comment's as we can.We all miss you Ms. McHale and Bony come back soon

    From your student MoreBlessingxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Wow I cant believe our teacher has gone to Moscow.We all shall miss our dear teacher.
    Bony Bear is our school maskot.Hannah A one of our student's made the name Bony Bear Ms. McHale
    liked the name so the whole class was happy with it.

    From MoreBlessing;)

  12. have a great time in Moscow. And good luck to Bonnie the bear. Can`t wait to have you and of course Bonnie the bear back in the class.

    bye bye, Roeanne.

  13. Hi Ms McHale cant wait to see you in the school and of course i cant wait to see bonnie bear i hope we wi the competition ( fingers crossed ) w all miss you bye bye Sophie :)

  14. Hi ladies,

    It's lovely to get all the comments back from you, and great to see you're all so interested. It's been a long day and I'm getting tired. It's 5.10pm here. 3 hours ahead of you in Ireland.
    But you'll all be delighted to hear that lots of people have been very interested in the project. I've been talking all day, and showing everyone your photos. You're such a lovely, happy bunch.

  15. hello miss mc hale and bonnie the bear thats good to here that other people are interested.i hope they like our photos when are they going to say who won (fingers crossed)we done win hope you and bonnie are well i seen the photos bonnie the bear is so cute with his other friend bye miss uses hope to see uses next Monday bright and early

  16. There were also some birds at the bird feeder.Thay nearly ate all the food.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. How is Moscow bonnie Bear.
    I hope you are doing a good job bonnie
    The birds have finished all the seeds on the bird feeder.


  19. Hi ms mchale how are in Moscow is it nice in Moscow

  20. Hi ms mchale i saw a lotes of blue tits at my bird feeder

    from louise