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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Senior Infants drew pictures of our School Walk


  1. hi,
    these are lovely drawings,writing and coulering good job senior infants keep up the good work.
    from lauren

  2. These beautiful art works are real favourites of mine! Also we're all birdwatchers so here's some news :In Peoples Park I saw today another beauty duck :my estimate was a tufted duck as it was orange,white,black,and river,royalblue .
    But it was soon googled by me.Answer :A mandarin
    duck a type of tufted duck! He is my fave bird i have seen 1 of them before in the zoo but never as such a nice surprise in Bray!This bird comes from somewhere far beyond Peoples Park!I love this bird and I know everyone will agree!!!

  3. well done they are very good pictures

    by Amy D

  4. I love your pics they look great.
    I am sure you will be a great drawer when you are grown up

    MoreBlessing & Glenda xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!

  5. What wonderful pictures. I especially like the picture of me with my lovely red hair. It was a great afternoon out. We all had a lovely time andlearned loads.

  6. Senior Infants,
    I had no idea we have such amazing artists in the school. Well done on your beautiful drawings, really great.
    Ms. Phelan

  7. Looks like you put alot of work into your pictures. You are very creative. Good job!
    5th class.

  8. Hi Senior Infants,
    You're drawings are BRILLIANT!
    You all are really really good
    I hope you will get more brilliant pictures on the blog.

    From Naomi Murphy

  9. I think you's are abslouty brillent drawers you should become artists