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Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Poems From Natalia S

 BirdsFriendly birds are in the way,
And they say,
Come,come,come out to play,
Special friends they are to me,
Feeding them is up to me.

Birds fly high in the sky,,
You will learn more about them soon,
Just bird watch everyday.
flying is what birds do,
laying is also one too,
you can always see a bird,
i also see them on my way to school,
never fright a bird or else it will,
go go go away.

Ducks can swim,
You can too,
So try it out and swim with a duck.

Ducks splash in the water,
Splash splash,
Ducks go quack quack.

When they get tired ,
They lay on the sand,
To dry of when the sun shines down.

                                                                  by Natalia Soltysik


  1. Natalia youre poems are brillant i really liked them.

  2. very good poems natalia i like them

  3. Well done Natalia,your poems are beautiful,so lovely and really descriptive.Thank you for posting them for our blog,I could read your poems forever,

  4. Very nice poems Natalia WELL DONE

  5. Because birds are making their nests I have discovered three nests:
    1.A willow warbler's near the river and it kind of looked like a rat's nest so beautifully weaved.
    2.A starling's nest in my neighbour's roof out of muck,clay,sticks and grass.There is alot of action going on there.
    3.Two swans' nests near the river made out of leaves and sticks.
    If I discover chicks or eggs I won't disturb them.