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Friday, April 1, 2011

Big News from Moscow

Ms McHale receiving her award from
Dr. Deirdre Butler at the  Microsoft
 Partners in Learning European Forum.

A number of different awards for outstanding projects in different categories were given by an international jury of education experts, led by Dr. Deirdre Butler, professor at St. Patrick’s College, Dublin.  Those who demonstrated the most innovative teaching practices using technology are then selected to attend the Partners in Learning Global Forum which will be held in Washington D.C. later this year.

Ms McHale and her class were delighted when the “Birds of Bray” project was awarded first runner up in the Knowledge Building and Critical Thinking category.  This project will now be further developed and they have been invited to present the project at the Global Forum in Washington D.C. in November 2011.


  1. Iam happy We came 2nd place I think it was good fnn.

  2. We wore actualy delighted that we came second
    in the big compotion in mosco when ms mchale
    came back she also brought home to her country ireland a certifict and a pen from rusia we all
    got diffrent pens that we all loved.

  3. I can't belive we came secound place

  4. Congratulations to Ms McHale and to
    all you girls for scoring so highly
    with your project.I'm sure it will be
    knocking them out in Washington in

  5. Well done for making a good effort on all the work we did well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay well done all the students for helping us good job.

    from MoreBlessingxo

  7. It is great that we got second place.
    I am still birdwatching.
    Though I find it a little more difficult to birdwatch in the Summer because of leaves on trees yesterday I was birdwatching and in one tree I saw:
    2 collared doves - male and female preening eachother,1 blue tit singing at the top of his voice,Starlings building their nest,A jackdaw,3 woodpigeons,A few Rooks,And some hovering gulls above.I love birdwatching!!!