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Friday, April 1, 2011

Birdwatching in Moscow

I managed to get out of the hotel for an afternoon to spend some time looking around Moscow.  While I was walking down the road I saw these birds.
Who can tell me what they are... I think they look the same in Ireland.


  1. I think it is a pigeon. I saw it at school before. They are in my garden. I like them.

  2. I yhink the first one is a racing pigeon
    and i think the second one is a starling.
    i don't know about the second one because
    the branches were blocking the birds.

  3. i think its a commoner (known as a pigeon that has no owner).

  4. These birds are very fluffed out.They are feral pigeons and they coo beautifully like an angelic collared dove,feral pigeons are cousin of the proud wood pigeon,they have a lovely green shiny sheen,about the second one - I looked at it closer and I saw they are either a starling like Kirsty estimated or perhaps a sparrow.

  5. I think the first one is a pigeon and the second one is house sparrows of chaffinchis

  6. well done girls......

  7. I think the second birds might be some blue tits.
    Because in my birdwatching experiences I have often discovered that I was observing some blue tits instead of sparrows.
    I love discovering lots about birds when you birdwatch!!!

  8. Yes they do look very a like the birds in Ireland.

    From MoreBlessingxoxoxoxoxo