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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Blackbird poem from Hannah K

The Blackbird    

The little blackbird ,black as coal,
Happy and bonny ,with such a soul,
Swift and free,as all blackbirds should be,
Beak of gold, it'll still be there when you're old...

Cheep Cheep ,as you peep,
In a bush, you're  soft as plush,
Play with robins,Both of you a bobbing,
Blackbird,Blackbird,Your sweet songs are always heard...

Play along the buttercups, chased by pups,
On the lawn, do sing to me at dawn,
Eat my mix, but don't fly yourself into a fix,
Play with song thrush, both of you  singing in a bush...

Hidden in the sky, up way up high,
Stay on  my gate, never be late,
Fly like a fairy, feeling light and airy,
Patiently wait, at Spring for your mate...

By Hannah K ,

... dedicated to my loyal cat Bubastik...


  1. Well done Hannah that was a lovely poem about the Blackbird

  2. Nice poem and a very well done to you.

    From MoreBlessingxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxooxoooxoo

  3. I really liked the cheep cheep part of the poem it really made me laugh.

  4. Loved it very much.Good work and job.

  5. Thank You all for your lovely compliments.
    Did You Know...
    My cat Bubastik is jet black like the blackbird.
    The blackbird is my favourite bird.
    He is easy to recognise it in gardens and parks.
    The female is often mistaken as a Song Thrush - They are a common member of the Thrush Family too.

  6. hello hannah that is a very nice poem about a blackbird .your very good a writing bird poems there very nice


  7. hi Hannah that was a great poem Hannah keep up the good work :)