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Monday, February 28, 2011

4th class teach Senior Infants all about Birds

Senior Infants came to visit our class this afternoon to learn about birds.
We had activities planned for them:
1. Bird watching out the classroom window using binoculars.
2. Watching our video clips of local birds to look at behaviour and listen to bird calls.
3. Looking at picture books and posters to learn bird names and describe them.

This video show how busy it was in the class this afternoon.
We all had great fun...

Thanks to Senior Infants for being so interested in birds.


  1. Dear Ms. McHale and 4th Class,

    We enjoyed the very good video. The video was fantastic! We liked looking at the birds. We hope you enjoyed it, too.

    Thank you!
    From Ms. Ní Ghabhann and 1st Class

  2. That was a very nice video.
    Senior Infants most have had a great time in our class.

    From MoreBlessingxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. I think Senior Infants had a great time with us and that was a great VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from amber

  4. I love the video so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this video as i'm in it! I love having a nice surprise to be videoed secretly!!! Senior infants loved it -we all did !
    also did you know ... that the grey heron eats birds as well as insects and water creatures .