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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art Work - Flying Birds

We have been doing a number of art projects related to our Birdwatch Study. 

Our most recent project was to make hanging birds to decorate our classroom.  Some of us chose to decorate our birds to look like real birds we have seen outside our classroom window, and some of us invented an imaginary bird.

Now they're all hung and it looks like we have a flock of birds flying around our classroom.  It's lovely.


  1. Birds are great they are all so good had great fun doing that.

  2. hi
    roeanne kiva and natalia
    your birds are beatiful there very creative and in fact they look like real birds there fantastic

    from laurenxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. That is a very good bird Roeannne .

    from hannahA

  4. The birds are really wonderful well done

  5. We were all very creative on our birds ,i did half song thrush - half blue tit.
    I've been really enjoying the project especially the art ones .