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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Birdwatching Day.

A few of the girls wrote a report about our birdwatching day.  They wrote the report at home and then e-mailed them to me.  We also took some photos during the day.  I think they're so great that I wanted to share them with you.
Ms McHale.

Reporter 1: Amber K
Today walking down the park was interesting.
Because we seen a new swan the egyiption swan that we never seen before.
We saw loads of seagulls some mallard ducks.
Some of us saw black birds,Hooded Crow,rook. Some of us did see them birds some of us didn't.

Then we sketched two birds and we were suppose to take down what birds we saw as well that was really fun. We took our
  • cameras
  • binoculars
  • pencil's and rubber's
  • bird watching note books
  1. with our camera's we zoomed in to take a better look at the birds
  2. with our binouculars we looked in them to see if we saw birds
  3. with our bird watching notebooks  we took down what birds we saw where they m/f  and the last one was to count  how many we saw
                                                     thats interesting
so i really love to see more birds/ducks down parks,fields,front gardens anywhere  at all.
                                                thats all i wanted to say

Reporter 2: Tarryn
Today the (14 of February) 4th class went to Dargle Park in Bray to do some birdwatching. It was a bright sunny morning and the birds were happily chirping. We saw lots of different  birds like the Seagull, Rook, Egyptian  swan, Blackbird and Mallard duck.  It was a very enjoyable outing and I was excited to see the Egyptian Swan.
Back at school, 3rd class joined us for bird watching from our classroom window where they saw a Coal Tit, a Blackbird and a Robin.
During the afternoon 4th class went to Senior Infants. We were each given a Senior Infants pupil to mind. We went outside around the school looking for signs of spring. We had to work from a sheet that my teacher, Ms McHale, gave to us to help us find the signs of spring. We saw buds, daffodil shoots, little baby leaves on the trees and new bushes.   I had a lovely day at school today.

Reporter 3: Naoimi

On monday we went to the park to have a look at birds .We saw rooks,sea gulls,mallerd ducks and an egyptian swan.We had never seen an egyptian swan before so it was very interesting and exciting! When we came back 3rd class came in to our class to look out the window for birds with us. We saw a great tit,a robin and a hooded crow. When we came in from yard we went on a nature walk with senior infants. We each got a partner and went to look for birds and signs of nature.We saw a hooded crow and a few sea gulls flying by.
It was really an exciting day!
Reporter 4: Sophie
Today we went to the park . We fed the birds bread in the peoples park which is in Bray . When we threw out the bread on the grass, suddenly seagulls, crows and rooks came gliding down . There was so many birds flying that you could hardly see a thing it was even difficult to see the sky. When we were finished feeding the bird's we sketched the birds that we had seen in our note book. I really enjoyed doing this.

While we were gone to feed the birds and take some photo's third class were using our class room to do some bird watching of their own.

Later on that day my class mates and I brought the senior infants class out around the school grounds for a spring walk. We tried to explain to them some of the signs of spring such as buds on the trees and shoots from flowers.
Reporter 5: Natalia B
Today was my favorite day in Ireland.  The sun was shining, it was a little cold and warm wind was blowing.  I am with my class went to the park. I saw the Egyptian swan.  I saw a very nice birds.  I saw rooks, blackbirds, gulls and ducks.   We took pictures of all the birds we've seen.  Then we went to the playground, it was very good.  It was a really nice day.


  1. hi

    amber and naomi you look like yor very interested in birds enjoy your project!!!

    from ,lauren.........

  2. It looks like u like the project :D

  3. good birds we seen there cool huh arent they :)

  4. what a cool project were doing huh cool aint it

  5. The Egyption Swan is not really seen in Egypt.
    Maybe it is just it`s name??????

    from Roeanne.

  6. well done everyone on your projects

  7. Had really fun that day.
    Thank you Miss Mc Hale for bring us out.

  8. well done girls this is very good work.

    this is very interesting.

  9. Hello again 4th Class,
    I have been looking at your pictures outside your classroom window. You have some birds not on your list pictured there. 2,3,4,5 are pics of a Great Tit. Pic 12 is a male Siskin, a little finch that visits feeders in the Winter. In Pics 18,19,20 you have a Dunnock, sometimes called a Hedge Sparrow although it is not related to Sparrows at all.Your list should be up to fifty birds by trhe Summer! Nice work, all of you.

  10. Thanks Dermot for letting us know . That is very kind of you .

  11. Amber and Naomi you look really interested in your scatch of your bird weel done we are all very good bird watchers.we have had a great time maken bird feeders and bird watching at home and at school.
    from Amy D

  12. These are very good reports that you wrote.Well done.

    From Naomi

  13. I read all the reports that are on this blog i think they are fantastic WELL DONE guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. well done guys

    well done on your projects everyone and

    and lovely comments

  15. That must have being a fun trip or walk.