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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Special Visitor

Ms Hayes,  one of the wonderful teachers in our school, came to our class on Friday afternoon to join us for some birdwatching.  Ms Hayes used to be a member of Birdwatch Ireland, and she knows alot about birds.  She brought a beautiful calendar with her which was full of amazing photos.  She talked to us about the things we should look out for when we're trying to identify birds.
We should look at:
Their size and their feathers.
Their beaks - to tell us what type of food they like to eat.
Their wings - to see if there are any markings or "flashings"
Their feet - to see where the bird usually lives.

She also did some birdwatching with us and was amazed at all the birds we were able to name already.
It's great to have others involved in our project.

Thanks Ms Hayes.


  1. very good Miss Hayes you are very good at your birds.

  2. hi
    yes ms hayes knows birds very well. shes really good at them

    from lauren