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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Trip to Bray Harbour: Visiting the Swans

What a team!!
In January our class went for a walk down to Bray Harbour to visit the colony of mute swans that live there. 

We had to remember a few rules:
Don't get too close to the swans as they are terretorial birds.
Stay calm and quiet so we don't scare the birds.

It was a great experience as we saw loads of birds, and we were very close to them.  It was a great change to look at their behaviour and what they look like.

We took some photos.

We fed the birds.

We took loads of photos of the birds and the harbour, and of course of each other.

Some of us brought food so we could feed the birds.

I'd like everyone to leave a comment about what they enjoyed most during the day.  What are your special memories?


  1. hi

    were a really great birwatching team.It is very fun to go birdwatching because you get to see lots of diffrent birds its very fun.When we went down to the harbour there were lots of pigeons and swans.We found out a new bird for our blog it was a turnstone its a very cute bird that goes around turninig stones around.It was a very fun trip to go to the harbour because the whole class came

    from ,lauren ..........

  2. It was very exiting going down the harbour.We saw alot of interesting birds.

    From Naomi

  3. Our trip was really educational .We got so close to birds, learned lots, strolled the pier,ate our lunch,fed the birds while cameras clicked.We watched EVERYTHING through our binoculars.We saw Hollyhead ,anchors.Though the air was cold we were warm with team spirit .We really are a birdwatching team!