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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bird-watching in the classroom

What an exciting afternoon we had.  We have been putting food outside our classroom window to try and attract some of the birds closer to us so we can watch them. 

This afternoon we put out some oats and some bread scraps on the wall.  We filled a bird feeder with seed and hung it on a tree, and we hung a suet ball for birds from another tree.  We didn't think we'd have many birds this afternoon, because there were so many people walking past our classroom.

But...we were wrong!

One group was put in charge of the birdwatching while the rest of us worked on our bird reports.  The group had binoculars and a camera.  They had the bird identification posters ready just in case anything came for a bite.

Over the afternoon we saw loads of different types of birds.  Two hooded crows came to eat our oats and bread.  We also saw a siskin, five gold finches, a robin, a male and female blackbird, two coal tits, a magpie, a long-tailed tit, a pied wagtail and a chaffinch.  It was really exciting.  They hopped and flew about very fast so we had to be quick to spot them.  We looked at their appearance carefully and check some of them using the posters, but we managed very well.
By the end of the afternoon everyone was looking out the window.

Tomorrow we'll put some food out earlier and we'll leave a team of birdwatchers at the window all day to see what birds come to visit.


  1. We are the greatest birdwatchers ever.I hope everyone is keeping track of all the birds.If you are thats great.