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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mallard Duck

The mallard duck is a water bird.   A baby duck is called a duckling.

The mallard duck is a vegetarian.  The mallard  duck eats water weeds, bread and scraps. Brown bread is healthier  than white bread but they can still eat it.

The mallard  duck lives on land and swims in the water.  It builds it's nest in the reeds.

This picture was taken during our field trip to the
People's Park in Bray.
The male mallard duck has a green  head, an orange beak and orange legs, brown and white wings and a blue patch on its wing.  The female mallard duck has brown and white speckled feathers.  She  also has a brown and orange beak.

The mallard duck has webbed feet to help it swim, but this means it waddles when it walks.  It is a good flyer, and it skims over the water when it is landing.


Tarryn, MoreBlessing and Lauren


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  2. I like this post. This very good . Well done.

  3. Well done Tarryn,Moreblessing,Lauren your report is so good and i like your picture of when yous took the picture then put it on your blog.SO COOL. So thats all i wanted to say see ya

  4. Well done Moreblessing ,Tarryn and Lauren brillant report about the Mallard duck

  5. well done girls very good report Lauren,Tarryn,MoreBlessing well done.

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  8. hi
    thanks louise you too
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    and we love doing the mallard duck it really likes the water and they are very cute birds.


  9. well done, this is very interesting fact about
    mallard duck.

    well done MoreBlessing,Tarryn and Lauren.

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  10. Did you know...

    The male mallard duck is called a drake?

  11. This is a really good report tarryn,moreblessing and lauren. The picture is brilliant too.

    From Naomi

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    very good work lauren moreblessing and tarryn

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