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Monday, February 21, 2011

What do you think?

Hello ladies...
We have been working on our project for almost 6 weeks and we have been very busy.
During that time we have carried our plenty of internet research, taken a research trip to the library, and we've gone on field trips around our school grounds, to Bray Harbour and the People's Park.  We have had a number of visitors to the class to talk to us about  birds, and also we have worked with other classes to teach them what we have learned. 
We have been feeding the birds outside our classroom, and every day we spend time watching them to see how they behave, what food they like to eat, and what they look like.  You have also done lots of work at home.  Everyone has been feeding the birds in their garden and watching carefully to see which birds are visiting.  We have recorded this information for the BirdWatch Ireland Garden Birds Survey.   We have also looked at different bird feeders and bird food to test which is the most popular with different types of birds.
We have worked in class on art projects to do with birds.
We have used all we have learned from our internet research, books, posters and visitors, but most importantly, from what we have seen to write reports about the wild birds in our local area. 
All our reports, photos and videos are collected here on our blog.  We have had some interesting visitors who have left some very helpful information and you girls have been brilliant at leaving comments and giving feedback to our visitors and to each other.

I'd like to know, after all this work, what do you think?
  • What has been your favourite part of the project?
  • What has been the most interesting thing you have learned?
  • Was there anything you found difficult?
  • Did you learn any new skills?
  • Was there any part of the project you didn't enjoy?
I look forward to reading your replies...

Ms McHale


  1. My Favourite part of our project was when we went own to the harbour it was really fun to see all the swans and the stoneturner.

  2. my favorite part of the project was when we went to the park.


  3. My favourite part of the project was when we painted the river of Bray Harbour.

    Roeanne Ahmed

  4. hi

    my favourite part of the project was when we whent down to the harbour it was fun to look at the chinise goose and the white feathrey swans it was really fun.

    from ,

  5. My FAVORITE part of the project was birdwatching in the classroom and internet work but I did not like making trees for our harbour art project!Though I'll always remember the field trip to the Bray Harbour !This project is my highlight of the 4th class year!
    Thanks to Ms McHale !!!!!
    From HANNAH K

  6. my favorite parts was when we went to the park and as we were looking for birds around the school.

    From Natalia B. :) :) :]

  7. my favorite part of the project was making the big
    harbour and going on the field trips

  8. hi,

    my fav part of the bird project was when we build the harbour and whent down to the harbour it was very fun

    from ,