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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wood Pigeon

The  wood pigeon is a cousin of the feral pigeon. 

The woodpigeon is 41cm long.   It has  a white  patch on its  neck, grey feathers on its head, back and wings and it has a mauve breast.

The wood pigeon is a vegetarian. They eat bread, peanuts, ivy berries, acorns, weed seed and oats.  Brown bread is healthier but they can also eat white bread.  In the summer they  feed  on  cereals,potatoes,beans,peas and greens.

The wood pigeon makes  its nest with  twigs, sticks and dirt.  It feeds its babies by collecting worms,flys and spiders.

It lives  in towns and  cities .  Most  pigeons live  in  Britain and Ireland.


  1. What a wonderful report. Well done for being the first group to get your project onto the blog. And thanks for letting us edit it altogether.
    Well done.

  2. well done girls very good report on the wood pigeon Tarryn, MoreBlessing,Lauren.

  3. hi

    yes me, tarryn,moreblessing worked very hard on the wood pigeon it is a very interesting bird it was a really fun project to work on .


  4. Brilliant job with the super report on the woodpigeons .You created it with great team spirit .You chose a very smart Woodpigeon pic .WOW!
    Well done

  5. Did you know ........
    THE woodpigeon is the largest of the pigeons and doves.

  6. hi
    very nice picture moreblessing tarryn and lauren

  7. Wood pigeons have small,beady,amber,starry eyes. When they fly you can see their lovely white patch under each wing.I have observed that they nearly always come in eitheir twos or threes.They fly most uniquely and I mostly see them in the high trees or on the quiet garden pecking at the grass like your chosen image Sometimes spotting different pigeons are hard!!!

  8. Wow Hannah... that's a fabulous chunk of information. Maybe the girls would like to add some of that to their report. Well done on the research.