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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bird Challenge - How many can you name?

These are some of the photos we have taken of local birds over the past month.  How many birds can you name?  There are 19 birds in the picture. 
Good Luck...


  1. I can see the swan, chaffinch, Turnstone, robin, starling, pied wagtail, wood pigeon,house sparrow,
    bullfinch, blackbird, seagulls, hooded crow, siskin,mallard duck, geese, magpie, wren, rook,

  2. Well done Natalia,
    That's a very impressive list. It's not a bullfinch though. Have another look.

  3. mallard duck,magpie,hooded crow,wren,seagull,house sparrows,male blackbird,starlings,egyptian swan,crow,robin,pied wagtail,chinese goose,chafinch,siskin,wood pigeon,swan,turnstone.

  4. sorry the duck i called the egyptian swan is actually a muscovy duck.(sorry)

  5. magpie,mallard duck,hooded crow,wren,seagull,house sparrow,male blackbird,egyptian swan,starlings,pied wagtail,robin,crow,chaffinch,chinise goose,swan,turnstone,wood pigeon,siskin,

    thats all byy!!!

    from laurenxxx(4th class student)

  6. magpie chaffinch robin mallard duck wood pigeon

    blackbird-male hooded crow crow starlings wren seagull house sparrow chines goose turn stone
    siskin mute swan egytian swan

  7. I can see a magpie,malard duck,a hooded crow,a dunnock,a blue tit,a seagull,a house sparrow,a black bird,a starling,a muscovy duck,a rook,a robin,a pied wagtail,a Chines goose,a chaffinch,a siskin,the wood pigeon,the mute swan and the turn stone.

    From MoreBlessingxoxoxoxoxoxo