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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Very Special Pets

Today Megan and Lauren brought their pet canaries, Bono and Joey, to visit the school.  They visited  4th class, senior  infants,1st  class and 3rd class.

First Lauren and Megan showed and talked about their canaries to 4th class.  They talked about how they clean them and wash them, how they clean their cage and how they give them air.
They answed questions from the class and  told us about  who takes care of the birds and who plays with them .

Next they went  to senior infants to explain to them what they eat and how the canarys behave. 

After that they went  to 1st class for a visit.  It was a great suprise for first class because they did not know they were coming.  Again they explained to them everything they knew they really enjoyed it.  1st class are going to write a report on the canary.  We can add that on to the website.

Next they went  to 3rd class.  They ansewered their questions and told them how the canaries behave and what they eat and  how they play with them.

It was a very good day!!!  Well done girls and thanks for bringing in the beautiful birds.

By Lauren, MoreBlessing and Tarryn


  1. hi

    bono and joey are always fightig if we put them in the same cage.They dont really like each other.
    when joey is going to bed he sticks his head in his belly and he sleeps on the floor.But bono just closes his eyes and sleeps on the bar.

    from, lauren

  2. Bono is real cute and so is joey .

  3. Nice birds Megan and Lauren.Your canary's are very beatiful.

  4. Amazing birds Megan and Lauren.

  5. Well done Megan and Lauren beautiful birds aswell

  6. I love your birds Megan and Lauren. I love their names too. Espesally Lauren`s bird Bono.
    Well done for those two girls.


  7. They are so cute.
    Thank you for bringing them in
    Thanks. xxx

  8. These birds are beautiful.
    They are very funny.
    Birds are my favourite animals.

  9. I think i know y they alway fight because they are two boys .

  10. Thank you for bringing them into us. They are so cute. You both have really nice birds.

    From Naomi

  11. Thank you Lauren and Megan for bring the birds in .


  12. hi

    thanks for all the lovely comments tarryn,naomi,natalia,hannnah,roeanne,amy ,sophie
    and moreblessing.We named my bird for a good reason because my daddy likes the singer bono and when we got the bird he was a very good singer and my daddy said i shoiud name him bono because bono is a good singer he said.So i called him bono.

    from ,lauren...........

  13. Very interesting Lauren.
    My parrot, Oscar sleeps like Bono does. I love your two birds, especially Joey.
    Oscar loves and is very good at mimicking sounds, such as the microwave, phone and speech. He is not a very good singer!!!

  14. hi everyone thank you for the lovely comments

    joey is looking at him self in the mirror right now hes so cute and bono to

  15. hi everyone

    thanks hannah for the comment very nice everyone good comments and workx0x

  16. Wow they are great pets and they really are special pets.I hope you can find youre special pet.