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Monday, February 21, 2011

What bird is this?

We saw this bird on our trip to the park.  We think it's an Egyptian Swan, but we are not sure.  Can anyone help us?


  1. Hello again Ladies,
    This bird is a domesticated form of a duck called Muscovy Duck, a bird from tropical Central and South America.They are often seen in Park bird collections. Muscovy Ducks were brought to Europe over three hundred years ago for their meat. Sometimes in the supermarket you can see in the butcher's department
    "Barbary Duck" for sale. This is the name used for Muscovy duck meat.

    1. I met this beautiful Muscovy duck when I was out walking in Bray harbour last night. I started talking to her and she was so domesticated that she actually started walking alongside me like a lovely

    2. couldn't see the Muscovy duck this evening ...I hope she's ok and two of the swans appeared seemed to have a broken wing and another swan couldn't walk and kept dropping down into the sand???

  2. Thank you so mush dermot that is very interesting to now.thanks

  3. Thanks Dermot. I didn't know what bird that was. It looks like it has 4 eyes.

    thanks, Roeanne.

  4. It is a great pity that these beautiful ducks are slaughtered for their meat. :(
    Really terrible !!!
    (I'm a vegetarian: I eat no meat)!

  5. I found it difficult (the internet work) at first but now I'm MUCH MUCH better.!I found most fascinating when we heard from Dermot that the Chinese Goose is domesticated from a thousand years ago though I'm interested (also helped out by Dermot ) in the Turnstone (find him in Bray harbour, he is small, brown, white and really cute) and also that when the song thrush (my favourite bird) sings it lasts for at least 5 minutes !
    Dermot has and will be a great part of our BIRDS OF BRAY PROJECT!
    Thanks to Dermot !

    From HANNAH K

  6. This beautiful bird is not a swan, is a Muscovy Duck. I have at home a book about ducks, and there I saw this duck.

    From:) Natalia B.

  7. This is a Muscovy Duck I saw this bird in a picture.And thank you Dermot.

  8. thanks dermot
    for telling us what bird it is

    from laurenxxxx

  9. thank you for telling us that we did not no

  10. That is a moscovy duck
    Thank you Dermot.