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Friday, February 4, 2011

What to look out for...

When you see a bird, as yourself these questions.

Using this information you can use your bird guide to help to identify your bird.



  1. hi
    if you look at the birds beck you will know what it eats !!!

    from lauen xxx

  2. new facts....
    different birds fly different ways .Like a finch flies in wavy ,bumpy lines while a gull flies in long straight lines .They have different wings in length and width.
    Some birds' feathers are thick and dull others are bright and thin.There are many new facts a birdwatcher can find out.

  3. Since this project we know everything about birds here are some facts i figured out :
    The cuckoocan lay up to 12-13 eggs but they are each in seperate nests of host birds.