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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sparrow hawk from Bill

Hi all

The photos are, we think, of a Sparrowhawk which we found on our front lawn munching on a pigeon. We sat in our car for five minutes before it saw us and flew away. When we got into the house we found that it was sat on our hedge and the two photos are taken from my bedroom window!!

At first we thought it might be a Goshawk but it was too small for that (although there is a family of Goshawks about five miles from us who live in a wood next to a racing pigeon training stable. I live in Grantham and we do see some beautiful birds. I think that it is because we are not far from a nature reserve.

I do hope you like the pictures and good luck with your project I will follow your posts with interest



  1. Hello Class,
    These are nice pictures from Bill and the bird is a Sparrowhawk. In Ireland the Sparrowhawk is one of the comonest raptors,(which is the word used for birds that hunt birds and other prey for food), and can easily be seen around Bray. In the air they fly with a few wing flaps and then a glide,an easy flight to recognise. Many raptor females are bigger than males and this is true of Sparrowhawks. The male would not really be big enough to tackle a pigeon.

  2. thank you so much the picture is brilliant
    from megan and naomi

  3. hi
    bill thank you very much that could come in handy one day
    the pictures are brilleant
    thanks again
    the wood pigeon group(3 4th class students)

  4. Thank you bill you are very good for sending them to us thank you.

  5. hi again

    we have seen very intreting birds but we havent seen a spparow hawk it woiud be nice to see one of them
    from lauren xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Thanks Bill for sending some intresting pictures to us and our class ?

    Hannah ..

  7. The pictures are great !But poor pigeon!
    I love to look at birds of prey but really not as they eat! A kesteral is my second favouite bird but it does not beat a song thrush!
    Please let us hear from you again.
    P.S. I'm a vegetarian.

  8. thats scary munching on a piegon]]