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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Everyone is getting involved...

We're still busy writing our reports.  They'll all start appearing on our blog over the next few days.  The news of our project is spreading and other teachers are getting involved.  Dave Foley came in to see what was happening.  One of the groups showed him what they were doing and explained how to use the blog.  He was very interested in our bird watching.  While he was in the room he saw a robin, two blackbirds and a wagtail.  He'll have to come back for another visit soon.


  1. Hi guys, A very quick message to say how much I really enjoyed your blog. Its great to see so many great birdwatchers in Bray. I think what you're doing is great...we need more people like you sharing your love and knowldge of nature with everyone. Keep up the great work.
    Eric Dempsey

  2. Thanks Eric,
    We're really enjoying it. The next step is to start introducing our new knowledge to some of the other classes around the school. We're amazed at how popular our project has become.
    Ms McHale
    (class teacher)

  3. Kirsty,Niamh and Dave it look like you have typed loads on that computer. Well if you did were your fingers sore????????????????????????? bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hi
    sophie,kirsty,niamh i hope you have fun on your project you look like your working very hard in the photo the blue tit looks very fun to work on have fun


  5. Very good work girls and this picture is great.

    from NB

  6. Thank you for that compliment eric we really have been working hard on are bird project Sophie